Delivering a range of fun, accessible movement and choreographic workshops to a variety of audiences, with an emphasis on embodied thinking.

Dancing Politics

Dancing Politics was a one-day workshop on 6 April 2013 by Gillie Kleiman and Hamish MacPherson. In it we enacted and reflected upon modes of political communication and organisation through dance and choreography. The workshop sought to challenge ideas of what a dance is and how it might be made. The morning of the workshop focussed on political speeches to make movement and speech material, while in the afternoon we created group dances, using a range of political decision-making process from dictatorship to democracy.


In October and November 2012 the Science Museum’s Dana Centre ran a series of events in celebration of Alan Turing’s centenary. These events spoke about different aspects of his work on computers and artificial intelligence. Martine Painter and I delivered one of these events – AlgoRhythms – in which 60 members of the public tried their hand at drawing, painting and dancing using algorithms and automated processes in a hands-on exploration of whether art needs human guidance.

We delighted in having Hamish and Martine running an evening on machine creativity. They came up with some great ways of presenting the ideas using artistic challenges to engage the audience. The tasks led into an open discussion and a finale dance piece. It was a pleasure to work with people who have a nice clear vision for what they wanted to run. Feedback was unanimously positive and everyone involved would like to run similar things in the future!

Rohan Mehra, Dana Centre/Science Museum 2012

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Space for Place

Photo: Daniel Kordik

A movement workshop with Martine Painter to library staff at University College London as part of their Staff Conference day. Participants were invited to move through the space in simple but less usual ways, and used guided improvisation games to enhance their awareness of one another. Designed to support and complement the conference’s wider focus on organisational movement.

Great fun. Invigorating, playful. Would do it again and recommend it to others.

Brilliant! I didn’t quite know what to expect but I’m glad I stayed. It was great fun, very enjoyable and I feel energised.

Participant feedback

Meeting Place choreography

A one hour workshop with Martine Painter for 15 Year 13 drama students (aged 17-18) at City and Islington College, London based on some of the compositional tools used in Meeting Place. After a warm up and a short demonstration of how we used number sequences to structure simple movement, we set the class a task to create their own short pieces in small groups. The class then shared what they had made and discussed their observations as spectators.

The students enjoyed the workshop. Martine and Hamish gave students the opportunity to develop their own movement material. It was well paced and there were opportunities to share their work and give feedback. Martine and Hamish gave clear instructions and were able to stretch and encourage students throughout. I would recommend them for similar work.

Jessica Wynn, Choreographer and Lecturer in Dance, City and Islington College