I am looking for three or four people to work January-March once a week on a piece with a politcal speech as a starting point.

The idea

Where is the body in politics? Where is the body in a political speech?

What if we create or find a political speech and then find ways to break it up and stick it back together again?

What if we find ways – new ways, old ways, stupid ways – to move while speaking?

And what if everyone who was involved in writing a speech was involved in making it?

These questions, and others, will inform a process of devising that may or may not offer a new way to think about political speeches and politics.

Digging, divining, destroying movement, words, ideas and then showing something at the end.

What I am looking for

I am looking for three or four people, of any profesional or demographic background, able to move and speak performatively to work January-March once a week on my final choreographic project for my Foundation degree in dance at Birkbeck college.

About me

I am a dance artist based in London, interested in how choreography can be used to investigate philosophical and political ideas, refreshing how we see ourselves and other people. I am currently studying for a Foundation Degree in Dance at Birkbeck College and an MRes in Choreography and Performance at the University of Roehampton.

Previously I worked for a decade as a senior policy adviser in the UK civil service, specialising in issues of race, religion and community relations.

I also has an MA in Human Values and Global Ethics from Kings College, London.


Most sesions will be 3 hours at Roehampton University on Saturdays (where I am studying an MRes in Choreography and Performance) but there may be some progress sharings at The Place on Thursday and Friday evenings (but these may be covered with video).




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