“[…] a tale of shame at a boys’ football club becomes a carefully honed and cleverly choreographed series of physical actions and whittled-down words with a plastic football as a prop.” — Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre Review

Meeting Place

“(…) a pleasingly mathematical duet (…)” — Time Out

“(…) The piece reflected a thoroughly considered approach, building up a number of simple movements in a formulaic way. In spite of the seemingly rigid structure it is based on, Meeting Place had a certain refreshing, unrehearsed quality. The choreographers-turned-performers were delightfully unpredictable as they engaged in playful dialogue with each other, boldly sustaining moments of stillness and amplifying the humour in the occasional and apparently coincidental moments with their deadpan faces and absolute conviction.” — Germaine Cheng (Resolution! Review)

“(…) a moderately charming game of repetition, accumulation and amusing absurdity. As a pair of performers, MacPherson and Painter have a nice connection and they string together simple units of movement – an arm swing, a raised leg, a vocal yelp – in a manner that manages to keep our attention for almost the full twenty minutes. Some genuine laughs out loud and a nice visible logic at play.” — Lyndsey Winship (Time Out dance editor)

“(…) As the duo danced, they gradually deviated from the formula, letting the algorithm descend into chaos before building it back up again. Surprisingly, the dance looked unrehearsed and nearly improvised, as if it evolved naturally on stage. Even though their movements were largely predetermined and their faces carefully kept blank, the dancers often looked like they were responding to each other and having a conversation. The audience was left with a sense that, no matter how automated, dance is still a human endeavour.” — Lisa Grossman (New Scientist)


“Fantastic and engaging minimalism, really engrossing from start to finish” — Audience feedback

“I find the concept original and of good potential for further development and research” — Audience feedback


“Amazing composition” — Audience feedback

“the intensity between the two characters is palpable” — Audience feedback