Showering Practice

Showering practice is practice-based research starting with questions about the potential for the shower to be a place of political activation. This came in the context of a wider ongoing dialogue with artist Gillie Kleiman about the intersection between choreography and democratic politics.

“…a playful, serious and very articulate locating of a showering practice amongst various perspectives or surfaces. It’s rigorous and carefully conceived, and I found myself being drawn to quite diverse ideas about how I attend (or not) to the quotidien […] an intelligent, sophisticated and ambitious practice-as-research project.”

“…I was truly impressed with the depth of research […] and the detailed documentation of each aspect. I was impressed with the synergy of time it gave to the reader/the bather in each of the two parts of your project [website and shower audio presentation] the same slow, leisurely time is required of the participant….”

University of Roehampton