Reviews for Shield

Photo: Eulanda Shead
“Genuinely moving and enlightening” ★★★★ — The Public Reviews
“…amusing, and consistently creative, absorbing and mystifying.” —  What’s Peen Seen?
“…splendidly written as well as performed” — Everything Theatre
“…thought provoking” —
“…exquisitely-performed” —  The British Theatre Guide
“Raheems’ performance is powerful. This story belongs to her and she holds it.” — BELLYFLOP Magazine
“…a highly atmospheric and evocative piece of theatre” — Platform
“Raheem’s strong performance is grounded in an abstract world, full of hidden messages” — One Stop Arts

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Trailer for Shield 2

A contemporary tale about three voyages of discovery, and an Aboriginal bark shield. Tickets

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Trailer for Shield

Shield – a cross-art collaboration by Amaara Raheem
11-29 June. Ovalhouse, London.
Film and Music by Tobias Sturmer. Performance by Seke Chimutengwende, Hamish MacPherson and Amaara Raheem.
Book tickets.

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100 day project


In June I’m planning on starting a 100 day project in which I will take part in a ‘political choreography’ every day for 100 days.

One of my interests is in understanding democratic politics from the perspective of the body – what actually happens physically when we vote, when we demonstrate or when we sign a petition? Perhaps by understanding – or even changing – democratic politics at this level we can find new ways of doing things before we can think of them rationally.

So every day for 100 days I will participate in a political activity with an attention to how I (and others) are choreographed and what the embodied experience is. I will leave open what ‘participate’ and ‘political’ mean. My assumption is that these will be pre-existing  choreographies but this is open too I think.

I have some simple, obvious ideas already: sign a petition, visit my MP, join a demonstration etc. but I  would welcome suggestions (or invitations) for things that I might do. Please use the comments field below.

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The Swedish Dance History

Political Animal (with Gillie Kleiman) is in The Swedish Dance History #4

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Dancing Politics


Dancing Politics was a one-day workshop on 6 April 2013 by Gillie Kleiman and me. In it we enacted and reflected upon modes of political communication and organisation through dance and choreography. The workshop sought to challenge ideas of what a dance is and how it might be made. The morning of the workshop focussed on political speeches to make movement and speech material, while in the afternoon we created group dances, using a range of political decision-making process from dictatorship to democracy.

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This weekend I took part in the What_now festival at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios. I performed in Ivana Müller‘s 60 Minutes of Opportunism in which she “deconstructs her own show and her own body, reflecting on the act of performing as both the performer and the author.”

I was also part of a group of dance artists invited to work in Michael Kliën‘s research lab The Ponderous Counter Spectacle Of Things Ceasing To Be, a choreographic ‘excavation site’.

The photograph above (by Andrew Downs) shows artists and audience members in the summing up of the weekend.

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Up On Two Legs photographs

Viewing on mobile

Performers: Colm Gallagher, Martin Shead, Eva Percy, Vicky Frayard
Photo (c) Gosia Wilda

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I’m please to announce that for three weeks in June I will be performing at Ovalhouse in Shield, directed by Amaara Raheem. Music and Film is by Tobias Sturmer and also performing is Seke Chimutengwende. I feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing team.

Provoked by Object 89 – the Australian bark shield – brought to England by Captain Cook and now on permanent display in the Rooms of Enlightenment at the British Museum, Shield explores myth, memory and mobility.

Gentlemen hopping out of boats, the unnamed man, misunderstanding.

Artists, composers, architects and anthropologists come together to investigate ‘diversity’ and the notion of searching for our ‘roots’.

A humorous, physical and poetic response to the Age of Reason.

Tickets and more information from Ovalhouse.

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Up On Two Legs

Up On Two Legs: A dance made from the sounds, structures and movement of political speeches.

By Hamish MacPherson with Vicky Frayard, Colm Gallagher, Sarah Gero, Steph Horak, Matthew Percy, Eva Percy, Amaara Raheem and Martin Shead.

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