100 day project


In June I’m planning on starting a 100 day project in which I will take part in a ‘political choreography’ every day for 100 days.

One of my interests is in understanding democratic politics from the perspective of the body – what actually happens physically when we vote, when we demonstrate or when we sign a petition? Perhaps by understanding – or even changing – democratic politics at this level we can find new ways of doing things before we can think of them rationally.

So every day for 100 days I will participate in a political activity with an attention to how I (and others) are choreographed and what the embodied experience is. I will leave open what ‘participate’ and ‘political’ mean. My assumption is that these will be pre-existing  choreographies but this is open too I think.

I have some simple, obvious ideas already: sign a petition, visit my MP, join a demonstration etc. but I  would welcome suggestions (or invitations) for things that I might do. Please use the comments field below.

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