Summary of 2012

Here is a bit of a (trumpet blowing) round-up of what I got up to professionally in 2012.


The year started with performing Meeting Place, my “pleasingly mathematical duet” (Time Out) with Martine Painter, at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre as part of Resolution! 2012. We went on to perform it through the year at Chisenhale Dance Space, Hotel Elephant Gallery and the Science Museum’s Dana Centre and we also made a short second piece Procedure which we performed at Elefest in Elephant and Castle.

Myself, Samantha Agnew, Craig Selwyn Roper and Vasiliki Stasinaki (under the name Bartleby the Scrivener) made On the Edge of a Leaf, a site-sympathetic piece that we performed at The Others, Utrophia Project Space and at 40Clarence Mews. And I was involved in another group choreography (What Comes Goes) with Richard Osborne and Joanna Puchalla which we performed at The Place.

I was also created and performed a “cleverly choreographed” (Total Theatre Review) solo piece at The Basement Brighton as part of Quickfire solo and made with support from artist Richard DeDomenici.


I was lucky enough to work with some great choreographers this year including Tino Sehgal in These Associations at The Tate Modern (which was named one of the top art exhibitions of the year by The Guardian). I also danced with Helena Webb (pictured) in Alexandrina Hemsley’s In It at Hiru Dance’s Public House; for Janine Harrington in The Bridge on the Millennium Bridge; and with artist Patrick Staff in Chewing Gum for the Social Body in the Tate Tanks.


Martine and I ran a number of workshops associated with Meeting Place – movement workshops for City and Islington College students and for University College London staff; and a workshop on choreography, art and artificial intelligence at Science Museum (pictured).


Dirty Dancing listing in Time Out

As well as producing Meeting Place with Martine, I founded Dirty Dancing Events with some other dance artists – Samantha Agnew, Evangelia Kolyra, Gabby Rose and Vasiliki Stasinaki – to produce a series of stand alone performance events showing contemporary dance ‘off stage and up close’.


I continued my Backwardist research (moving backwards in space and time), working independently with dance artists Gabby Rose (pictured) and Fumi Tamioka; and with dramaturg Yarit Dor and dance artist Alexandrina Hemsley, as part of a programme by the Dramaturgs’ Network led by Hildegard De Vuyst.

I also began a Showering Practice as research starting with questions about the potential for the shower to be a place of political activation. This came in the context of a wider ongoing dialogue with artist Gillie Kleiman about the intersection between choreography and democratic politics.


Photo: Pedro Rosa

This year I continued my foundation degree in dance at Birkbeck College and started an MRes in Choreography and Performance at the University of Roehampton.

Over the summer I took workshops with les ballets c de la b in Ghent, Belgium and with Isabel Lewis and Public Movement (pictured) at ImPulzDans in Vienna. I also started The Speaking Dancer: Interdisciplinary Performance Training with Jacky Lansley in London. And in December I attended WEAVING POLITICS, a three day symposium in Stockholm addressing choreography as a weaving labour of politics.


I also started drawing again and did some work on this front at Dance Umbrella (pictured) and for contemporary dance project Dad Dancing.

I also gave up my career as a civil servant.

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